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Hot Pot

This dish carries with it, a 1,000 year plus history. Originating in China. It is served in a large metal pot and lit from underneath when it arrives at your table, this is a soup like dish that will begin to simmer as it gets hotter at your table side.We offer two types of soup bases, a savory, clear or white broth soup and a spicy, red based soup. This dish also comes with your choice of Fatty Beef, Lamb, Frog, Seafood, Chicken, Pork Blood and Bung, Veggies, or a choice of two. All dishes include your protein and mixed vegetables, including baby bok choi green onions, cilantro, sprouts and peppers, as well as clear noodles.

Dry Pot

Our Dry Pot is served in a small metal pot and comes with your choice of beef, lamb, chicken, pork bungs, fish fillet, Chinese style smoked pork, spare ribs, mixed mushrooms, sliced cauliflower, frog, or shrimp. This dish also comes with many mixed vegetables including cabbage, califlower, loutus root, potato, cilantro, green onions, chili pepers, and chinese dry herbs. All ingredients are tossed continuously in a sauce until it becomes "dry". This technique causes the dish to contain intense delicious flavor because the sauce is absorbed by the ingredients.

Famous Boiled in Chili

This dish comes in a VERY LARGE portion, with your choice of Beef, Fish filet, chicken, lamb, pork bungs, frog, or two of the above. it will arive to you in big bowl floating in a deliciouis chili sause with a thick soup like consistency, this dish is very spicy BEWARE!

Sizzling Plate

Our Sizzling plate is one of our most popular dishes. This dish includes either beef, chicken, lamb, shrimp, or frog and vegetables including onions and green peppers. It will arrive to your table on a extremely hot iron skillet making a sizzling sound. Please be careful this is very hot to the touch!


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